COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Info: Vaccine and Mask Mandate

PEARC22 will be a fully in-person event.

The COVID-19 guidance for PEARC22 has been updated and is as follows:

All registrants will need to agree to a standard ACM COVID-19 waiver that exists as a “duty to self-monitor” and a liability waiver. A company called IHP will carry out pre-conference verification either of proof of vaccination or proof of negative testing (no exemptions) and will provide a list of verified attendees. There will be NO on-site verification of this. Attendees must do this online. There also will be an automated daily health survey via text or email that attendees will need to complete. Anyone exhibiting any symptoms at PEARC22 will be encouraged to go to a local testing facility within walking distance.

In addition to these new vaccine or testing requirements, masking will be in line with local/state/federal standards. Masks are currently optional in Boston, MA. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about the COVID-19 guidance at PEARC22.

Because this guidance will not impact the hotel itself, the Front Desk is not asking for/verifying proof of vaccination when checking in as a guest.

PEARC22 will continue to monitor mandate developments and update the community as needed. Please check this page frequently for the most current information.