PEARC22 Interact! Submissions

PEARC22 Interact! Submissions

Designing a Vulnerability Management Dashboard to Enhance Security Analysts’ Decision Making Processes
by Dalya Manatova, Inna Kouper, Sagar Samtani, Indiana University

Extreme Resolution Image Analysis with Serial Block-Face Scanning Electron Microscopy

by Shawn Slavin

Workflow for Cutting-Edge Lightning Observations on Interactive 3D Web Platform

by Brian Hare, Olaf Scholten, and David Reagan

Make Fun Designs Using the Chemistry of Strained Glass in a Responsive Web Application

by David Reagan, Eddie Wu, Joseph Burkhart, and Sara Skrabalak

Ohio Supercomputer Center Virtual Tour

by Chase Easter and Alan Chalker

Equine Paranasal Sinus 3D Anatomy Primer

by James A. Brown and Scott A. Birch

Visualizing the Vulnerability Landscape of Major Scientific Cyberinfrastructure GitHub Ecosystems

by Ben Lazarine, Dalya Manatova, Sagar Samtani, and Hongyi Zhu

Climatological Data Visualization with the Hawai’i Climate Data Portal

by Jared McLean, Sean Cleveland, Michael Dodge, Matthew Lucas, Keri Kodak, Ryan Longman, Thomas Giambelluca, and Gwen Jacobs

Scenario Visualization with the ‘Ike Way Hawai’i Groundwater Recharge Tool

by Jared McLean, Sean Cleveland, Kolja Rotzoll, Scot Izuka, and Gwen Jacobs