Suresh Srinivas

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Suresh Srinivas, PhD

PEARC22 Slide Presentation

Plenary Speaker
Senior Principal Engineer, Intel Corporation

Clarity, Collaboration, and Compassion for Work and Life
Clarity, Collaboration, and Compassion are the superpowers for succeeding at work and life in our modern, technology-driven, often remotely-connected age. In this presentation, Dr. Srinivas will share why—now more than ever—these superpowers are essential to our personal and professional successes, and what you can do to develop them. He will introduce meditation methods grounded in science and evidence-based research, including attention training, a technique adopted by engineers, technologists, athletes, business leaders, and military and government leaders to achieve high performance. Srinivas will also share how you can improve the clarity of your thoughts and actions; be more resilient in the face of uncertainty, disconnectedness, and the challenges of daily life; collaborate and connect in a deeper, more meaningful way with peers, colleagues, and family members; and build a deeper sense of gratitude, compassion, and connection with loving kindness meditation. This talk should be of great interest to those in the HPC community whose work requires leading-edge technical skills and acute mental facility, as well as those looking to excel in an environment of constant context switching, competing priorities, ever-changing project teams, and evolving demands and technical challenges.

Suresh Srinivas is a senior principal engineer at Intel and leads a global team focusing on cloud optimizations. He has over 25 years of experience in system software, performance, and architecture. He earned his PhD in computer science from Indiana University in high performance computing where he was a student of Dennis Gannon. He is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, regularly volunteering his time to teach homeless youth at OutsideIn in Portland, Oregon, as well as Intel employees at its corporate headquarters. He is on the board of Outside The Frame ( a non-profit that supports homeless and marginalized youth to have a creative outlet and make films. He is also active in working on inclusion and corporate initiatives on mentoring and bringing minorities into computing.

You can find his meditations available for free on Insight Timer

Srinivas resides in Portland, Oregon, with his wife Bindu, daughter Anaga, and beloved pup Luna.