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Student Mentor Program

The Student Mentor Program aims to foster the next generation of science and technology leaders. The program focuses on connecting each student with a professional, who will be a resource for the student during the PEARC21 conference and following months. The mentors’ primary role is to help their students work towards a career goal by sharing personal experiences, directing them to useful resources, and providing them networking opportunities in the field of Advanced Research Computing. Mentors facilitate learning as their proteges advance in their objectives and reflect on their challenges and accomplishments.

Information for Students:

Proteges, welcome to the PEARC21 Student Mentor Program. For the next six months, your mentor will be a trusted ally. You can ask for their experiences and learn how they navigated in their careers. As in every mentorship program, your desire to learn, willingness to ask questions and commitment to the connection with your mentor will make your experience the most rewarding.

Establish Your Goals: As a protege, you are in control of where you want to reach. To identify your direction in this program, please think about one or two goals that you can work towards in the coming months and fill out the Student Goal Form. You will share this form with your mentor.

Refresh Your Knowledge: If you would like to read more about effective mentoring relationships, you can find a short but useful guide here.

We are delighted to have you in the PEARC21 Student Mentor Program and hope to see you all during the conference. 

Contact: If you have questions, or require more information, please reach out to Alper Kinaci <[email protected]> | <[email protected]>

Student Mentor Program Coordinator

Alper Kinaci is the Lead Computational Research Engineer for Research Computing Services with IT at Northwestern University. He is a research facilitator and an XSEDE Campus Champion. He develops and steers projects to improve research experience in on-premise and cloud computing resources. Alper also mentors HPC student consultants in the group. Before Northwestern, he worked at Argonne National Laboratory as a researcher and he holds a PhD degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Texas A&M University.