June 3, 2020


PEARC20 Awards

The PEARC20 conference continues the tradition to recognize high-quality submissions. Below you will find the PEARC20 Award winners in different categories. Congratulations!

Phil Andrews Award

The Phil Andrews award is granted to a manuscript deemed to be the most impactful in practice of research computing, broadly interpreted to encompass all areas in scientific research, technical innovation, state of practice and workforce development. Determination of the award is made by the Technical Program subcommittee jury from the best papers awarded in all tracks. Identifying a winner from excellent candidate papers was especially hard, nonetheless the jury’s decision was unanimous and represents the finest contribution to the ACM PEARC20 conference.

Phil Andrews Most Transformative Contribution award winner

Monitoring and Analysis of Power Consumption on HPC clusters using XDMoD
Joseph White, Martins Innus, Robert Deleon, Matthew D. Jones and Thomas Furlani

About the Phil Andrews award

This award is offered in memory of Phil Andrews who was a pioneer in advanced computing infrastructure for more than 25 years, Phil brought tremendous passion and creative energy to NICS, PSC, SDSC, TeraGrid and XSEDE. With degrees in physics, mathematics, and plasma physics from Cambridge, Purdue, and Princeton Universities. He was experienced in artificial intelligence, visualization, archiving, digital libraries, and computational medicine. During his career, Andrews authored approximately 40 papers on distributed and data-intensive computing and visualization techniques, theoretical plasma physics and nonlinear dynamics.

Best Paper Awards

The award winners were selected by independent juries, separate ones for each conference track from candidates that were most highly-rated in the conference’s peer review process. The juries deemed the winning manuscripts to be comprehensively well rounded, reflective of deep understanding of the subject areas discussed, and of very high quality overall.

Best Paper in “Advanced research computing environments – systems and system software” Track

Monitoring and Analysis of Power Consumption on HPC clusters using XDMoD
Joseph White, Martins Innus, Robert Deleon, Matthew D. Jones, and Thomas Furlani

Best Paper in “Application Software, Support, and Outcomes” Track​

Tapis API Development with Python: Best Practices In Scientific REST API Implementation – Experience implementing a distributed Stream API
Sean Cleveland, Anagha Jamthe, Smruti Padhy, Joe Stubbs, Julia Looney, Michale Packard, Steve Terry, Richard Cardone, Maytal Dahan, and Gwen Jacobs

Best Paper in “People involved in research computing – workforce development, diversity, and professionalization” Track​

CyberAmbassadors: Results from Pilot Testing a New Professional Skills Curriculum
Astri Briliyanti, Julie Wilson Rojewski, Katy Luchini-Colbry, and Dirk Colbry

Best Paper in “Trending now – machine learning and artificial intelligence” Track​

Exploring collections of research publications with human steerable AI.
Alberto González Martínez, Billy Troy Wooton, Nurit Kirshenbaum, Dylan Kobayashi, and Jason Leigh

Best Student Paper Awards

Best Student Paper in “Advanced research computing environments – systems and system software” Track

Workflow Submit Nodes as a Service on Leadership Class Systems
George Papadimitriou, Karan Vahi, Jason Kincl, Valentine Anantharaj, Ewa Deelman, and Jack Wells

Student paper – Honorable Mention in “Application Software, Support, and Outcomes” Track

VisSnippets: A Web-Based System for Impromptu Collaborative Data Exploration on Large Displays
Andrew Burks, Luc Renambot, and Andrew Johnson

Best Student Paper in “Trending now – machine learning and artificial intelligence” Track

Evaluation of Clustering Techniques for GPS Phenotyping Using Mobile Sensor Data

Zachary Tschirhart and Karl Schulz

Best Visualization Showcase Award

Exploration of Coral Reefs in Hawai‘i through Virtual Reality: Hawaiian Coral Reef Museum VR
Francis Ray Cristobal, Michael Dodge, John Burns, Briana Noll, Nickolas Rosenberg, Joseph Sanchez, Kailey Pascoe, Alexandra Runyan, and Drew Gotshalk

Poster Awards

Best Poster

Refactoring a statistical package for demanding memory loads: Adapting R for high performance telemetry data analytics
Rebecca Belshe, Peter Schlichting, and Gil Speyer


Best Student Poster

Optimizing a Specialized Convolutional Neural Network
Brian Leonard, Minyue Fan, and Joel S. Welling