A Science Gateway for Atomic and Molecular Physics
Armin Scrinzi, Barry Schneider, Fernando Martin, Igor Bray, Jimena Garfinkiel, Jonathan Tennyson, Klaus Bartschat, Markus Klinker, Oleg Zatsarinny, Sudhakar Pamidighantam

Advanced Research Computing Containers for AI Workloads
Kyle J. Smathers, Mark E. DeYoung, Marvin W. Newlin

Automatic Modulefile Generation in Environment Modules and Lmod Systems with mkmod
Kent F. Milfeld

Building A Scalable Forward Flux Sampling Framework using Big Data and HPC
Amy W. Apon, Jon  Kilganon, Linh B. Ngo, Ryan S. DeFever, Sapna Sarupria, Walter Hanger

Combining OpenCL and MPI to Support Heterogeneous Computing on a Cluster
John Hale, Ming Li, Peter Hawrylak

Community Collections: A Framework for Openly Sharing Software Stacks Across Research Computing Centers Using Singularity and Lmod
Kevin  Manalo, Levi  Baber, Nuyun  Zhang, Ryan  Bradley, Zhi-Qiang  You

Connecting Diffusion MRI to Skeletal Muscle Microstructure: Leveraging Meta-Models and GPU-acceleration
John G. Georgiadis, Noel M. Naughton

Enabling Real-time User Interaction For Decision Support: Experiences Extending A Local Agave Platform Metadata Service
Gwen A. Jacobs, Jared  McLean, Kolja  Rotzoll, Scot K. Izuka, Sean B. Cleveland

Expanding the Computational Anatomy Gateway from clinical imaging to basic neuroscience research
Anthony  Kolasny, Daniel J. Tward, Fatima  Kahn, Juan  Troncoso, Michael I. Miller

Exploring Untrusted Distributed Storage for 
High Performance Computing
Austin  Smith, Justin  Riley, Milan  Kupcevic, Muneeba  Syed, Paul  Edmon, Scott  Yockel

Extensible Framework for Analysis of Farm Practices and Programs
Christopher M. Navarro, Gary D. Schnitkey, Gowtham Naraharisetty, Hanseok Jeong, Jonathan Coppess, Jong S. Lee, Lisa  Gatzke, Michal Ondrejcek, Rabin Bhattarai, Rishabh Gupta, Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan, Shannon Bradley, Yan Zhao

GenApp, Containers and Abaco
Emre H. Brookes, Joe  Stubbs

Greyfish: An Out-of-the-Box, Reusable, Portable Cloud Storage Service
Carlos Redondo, Ritu Arora

HUBzero®: Novel Concepts Applied to Established Computing Infrastructures to Address Communities’ Needs
Ben  Haley, Claire  Stirm, Michael  Zentner, Sandra  Gesing, Steve  Clark

Implementing a Flexible, Fault Tolerant Job Management System for Science Gateways
Ajinkya  Dhamnaskar, Dimuthu  Wannipurage, Eroma  Abeysinghe, Gourav  Shenoy, Lahiru  Jayathilaka, Marcus Christie, Marlon Pierce, Sudhakar Pamidighantam, Suresh Marru

In-situ Analysis and Visualization of Earthquake Simulation
Dawei  Mu, Hui  Zhou, Jon  Moran, Mahidhar  Tatineni, Ronald  Hawkins, Steve  Campbell, Yifeng  Cui

Integrity Protection for Scientific Workflow Data: Motivation and Initial Experiences
Anirban  Mandal, Ewa  Deelman, F. Alex  Feltus, Ilya  Baldin, Karan  Vahi, Mats  Rynge, Omkar  Bhide, Randy  Heiland, Raquel  Hill, Von  Welch, William L. Poehlman

Introducing the Open Science Chain — Protecting Integrity and Provenance of Research Data
Subhashini  Sivagnanam, Viswanath  Nandigam

Leveraging Elasticsearch to Improve Data Discoverability in Science Gateways
Jake  Rosenberg, Joseph  Meiring, Josue B. Coronel, Sarah  Gray, Tracy  Brown

openDIEL: A Parallel Workflow Engine and Data Analytics Framework
Daniel Nichols, Efosa  Asemota, Frank H. Betancourt, Kwai  Wong, Quindell  Marshall, Stan  Tomov

Reproducible Hydrological Modeling with CyberGIS-Jupyter: A Case Study on SUMMA
Anand Padmanabhan, Anthony Castronova, Dandong Yin, David Tarboton, Fangzheng  Lu, Jon  Goodall, Shaowen Wang, Young Don Choi

Scalable Parallel Programming in Python with Parsl 
Anna  Woodard, Daniel S. Katz, Ian  Foster, Kyle Chard, Michael  Wilde, Yadu N. Babuji, Zhuozhao  lI

Shuffler: A Large Scale Data Management Tool for Machine Learning in Computer Vision
Evgeny  Toropov, José  Moura, Paola A. Buitrago

Singularity: simple, secure containers for computer-driven workloads
David C. Godlove

The PreSync Project: Synchronization Automation in the Cactus Framework
Roland  Haas, Samuel D. Cupp, Steven R. Brandt

Web of Trust Tool for Gateway User Vetting
Amitava  Majumdar, Kenneth K. Yoshimoto, Mark A. Miller, Nicholas T. Carnevale, Subhashini  Sivagnanam

Web-based Visualization and Querying of Food and Beverage Endorsements by Celebrities
Faiz  Abidi, Srijith  Rajamohan

A Continuous Integration-Based Framework for Software Management
Eric  Franz, Heechang  Na, Judith  Gardiner, Karen  Tomko, Samuel  Khuvis, Scott  Brozell, Trey  Dockendorf, Zhi-Qiang  You

A Multi-Environment HPC-Scale Puppet Infrastructure for Compliance and Systems Automation
Edward  Munsell, Evan F. Bollig, Jeffrey  McDonald, Michael  Baynton, Nicholas  Bertrand, Raychel M. Benson

A Resource Utilization Analytics Platform Using Grafana and Telegraffor the Savio Supercluster
Nicolas A. Chan

Arbiter: Dynamically Limiting Resource Consumption on Login Nodes
Brian Haymore, Dylan Gardner, Robben  Migacz

Assessment of Return on Investment and impact of cyberinfrastructure facilities: a survey of current methods
Alan Sill, Amy Apon, Craig Stewart, David Lifka, David Y. Hancock, Nicholas Berente, Robert  Henschel, Thomas  Furlani

Deploying a Top-100 Supercomputer for Large Parallel Workloads: the Niagara Supercomputer
Alexey  Fedoseev, Bruno  Mundim, Ching-Hsing Yu, Daniel  Gruner, Erik Spence, Fatih Ertinaz, Fei Mao, Jaime  Pinto, Joseph Chen, Leslie  Groer, Marcelo Ponce, Marco  Saldarriaga, Michael Nolta, Ramses Van Zon, Richard W. Peltier, Scott Northrup, Vladimir Slavnic

Developing and Operating Edge Services on Federated Infrastructure Using MiniSLATE
Benjamin Kulbertis, Christopher K. Weaver, Joe Breen, Robert Gardner, Shawn McKee

Expressing and Managing Network Policies for Emerging HPC Systems
James Griffioen, Jane Hayes

Good Enough Project Management Practices for Researcher Support Projects
Christina Maimone

Harmony: A Harness Monitoring System for the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility
Cameron Kuchta, Reuben Budiardja, Verónica G. Vergara Larrea

IceCube’s Long Term Archive Software
Benedikt Riedel, David Schultz, Patrick Meade

Making it More Secure: The Technical and Social Challenges of Expanding the Functionality of an Existing HPC Cluster to Meet University and Federal Data Security Requirements
Christopher Doane, Gary Jung, Jason Christopher, Sergio A. Rivera, Zongming  Fei

Managing a Heterogeneous Cluster
Adam Tygart, Dan Andresen, Dave Turner, Kyle Hutson

Managing Privilege and Access on Federated Edge Platforms
Christopher N. Weaver, Joe  Breen, Robert Gardner, Shawn McKee

Mii: An Automated Search Engine for Environment Modules
Justin  Stanley

ORCID Integration Into Science Gateways
Carrie Arnold, Dave Hart, Ester Soriano, Maytal Dahan

Performant Container Support for HPC Applications
Lei Huang, R. Todd Evans,  Yinzhi Wang

Petrel: A Programmatically Accessible Research Data Service
Ben Blaiszik, Benjamin S. Allen, Ian Foster, Kyle Chard, Lukasz Lacinski, Michael  Papka, Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Rick Wagner, Ryan Chard, William E. Allcock

Providing a Unified Software Environment for Canada’s National Advanced Computing Centers
Bart Oldeman, Maxime Boissonneault, Ryan P. Taylor

Provisioning ZFS Pools On Lustre
Adam Howard, Rick Mohr

PULSAR:Deploying Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection for the Science DMZ
Brian Werts, Callum Gundlach, Erik Gough, Jacob  Sharp, Lauren Featherstun, Lev Gorenstein, Lipu Wu, Nathan DeMien, Sagar Narayan, Shivam Trivedi, Xiao Zhu

Research Computing Desktops: Demystifying research computing for non-Linux users
Abhinav Thota, Alexander  Younts, Ben Fulton,  Christopher Phillips, Daniel T. Dietz, H.E. Cicada B. Dennis, Laura Huber, Le Mai Weakley, Scott  Michael, Stephen L. Harrell, Winona  Snapp-Childs, Xiao  Zhu

Serverless Science Gateway Development for Ca2+ binding site prediction on Amazon Web Services: Case Study
Melchizedek G. Mashiku, Neranjan S. Edirisinghe

StashCache: A Distributed Caching Federation for the Open Science Grid
Brian Bockelman, Brian Lin, Derek Weitzel, Edgar Fajardo Hernandez, Ilija Vukotic, Marian  Zvada, Mats  Rynge, Matyas  Selmeci, Rob  Gardner

The biggest failure of my career: what happened, what we did about it, and how we won’t do it again
Jonathon  Anderson

Trusted CI Experiences in Cybecurity and Service to Open Science
Andrew  Adams, Barton P. Miller, Craig  Jackson, Dana  Brunson, Elisa Heymann, Florence  Hudson, Jeannette  Dopheide, Jim  Basney, Jim  Marsteller, John  Zage, Kay  Avila, Mark Krenz, Robert  Cowles, Ryan  Kiser, Scott Russell, Sean Peisert, Susan Sons, Terry Fleury, Von  Welch

Wrangling Rogues: A Case Study on Managing Experimental Post-Moore Architectures
Jason  Riedy, Jeffrey S. Young, Thomas M. Conte, Will  Powell

A Framework for Identifying Designs from Incomplete, Fragmented Cultural Heritage Objects using Curve Patterns
Ben  Torkian, Colin  Wilder, Jun  Zhou, Karen  Smith, Paul  Sagona, Song  Wang, Yuhang  Lu

A Novel Pruning Method for Convolutional Neural Networks Based off Identifying Critical Filters
Mihaela  Dimovska, Travis  Johnston

Automated Deep Learning Analysis of Purple Martin Videos Depicting Incubation and Provisioning
Heather M. Williams, L. Shawn  Matott, Robert L. DeLeon

Characterizing the Execution of Deep Neural Networks on Collaborative Robots and Edge Devices
Abhijeet  Saraha, Arthur  Siqueira, Bingyao Wang, Chunjun  Jia, Dongsuk Lim, Hyesoon Kim, Jiashen  Cao, Lixing  Liu, Matthew L. Merck, Qiusen  Huang, Ramyad  Hadidi

Developing a Meta Framework for Key-Value Memory Networks on HPC Clusters 
Arghya K. Das, Choonhan  Youn, Joohyun Kim, Seungwon  Yang

Extracting Domain Information using Deep Learning
Amit  Gupta, Crispin  Taylor, Jennifer  Regala, Pankaj  Jaiswal, Weijia  Xu

Facial Expression Recognition: Utilizing Digital Image Processing, Deep Learning, and High-Performance Computing
Francisco  Reveriano

Improving HPC System Performance by Predicting Job Resources via Supervised Machine Learning
Adedolapo  Okanlawon, Brandon  Dunn, Dan  Andresen, Mohammed  Tanash, William Hsu, Yang  Huichen

In and out of the nucleus – CNN-based segmentation of cell nuclei from images of a translocating biosensor
Jeremy E. Purvis, Katarzyna M. Kedziora, Michael R. Kosorok, Tarek M. Zikry

MagmaDNN: Accelerated Deep Learning Using MAGMA
Alex  Gessinger, Daniel L. Nichols, Kwai  Wong, Lucien  Ng, Sihan  Chen, Stanimire  Tomov

Open Compass: Accelerating the Adoption of AI in Open Research
Nicholas A. Nystrom, Paola A. Buitrago

Publishing and Serving Machine Learning Models with DLHub
Anna  Woodard, Ben  Blaiszik, Ian  Foster, Kyle  Chard, Logan  Ward, Ryan  Chard, Steven  Tuecke, Yadu  Babuji, Zhuozhao  lI

Towards a Framework for Validating Machine Learning Results in Medical Imaging
Frank M. Skidmore, Murat M. Tanik, Thomas  Anthony, William S. Monroe

Traps, Pitfalls and Misconceptions of Machine Learning applied to Scientific Disciplines
Alessandro  Fanfarillo, Davide  Del Vento

VAStream: A Visual Analytics System for Fast Data Streams
Raju  Gottumukkala, Satya  Katragadda, Siva  Venna

An Expansion of the User Support Services for the Research Computing Group at the University of Colorado Boulder
Aaron  Holt, Andrew J. Monaghan, Daniel  Trahan, Joel  Frahm, Patrick  Burns, Shelley L. Knuth, Thomas  Hauser, Timothy  Dunn, Zebula  Sampedro

Campus Champions: Building and sustaining a thriving community of practice around research computing and data
Aaron  Culich, Dana  Brunson, Douglas Jennewein, Henry  Neeman,  Jack  Smith, Julie  Wernert, Lizanne  DeStefano, Lorna Rivera, Marisa  Brazil, Tiffany  Jolley, Timothy  Middelkoop

Cultivating the Cyberinfrastructure Workforce via an Intermediate/Advanced Virtual Residency Workshop
Christopher S. Simmons, Dana  Brunson, Daniel  Voss, Dirk  Colbry, Henry  Neeman, Hussein M. Al-Azzawi, James W. Ferguson, Jason Wells, Jason L. Simms, Jeff T. Falgout, Joshua Gyllinsky, Mohammed Tanash, Sandra Gesing, Scott Yockel, William  Burke

Cyber Infrastructure: Training and Mentoring – A way to engage students in their technology future
D. Brian  Ormand, Diana V. Dugas

DeapSECURE: Empowering Students for Data- and Compute-Intensive Research in Cybersecurity through Training
Hongyi  Wu, Karina  Arcaute, Masha  Sosonkina, Wirawan  Purwanto

Holistic Summer Undergraduate Research Program in High PerformanceComputing Research
Jung-Han Kimn, Stephen P. Gent, Tyler M. Miller

Integrating scientific programming in communities of practice for students in life science
Alexa M. Salsbury, Anne M. Brown, Justin A. Lemkul

Mining Online Training Log Data
Christopher R. Myers, Jennifer  Houchins, Lorna  Rivera, Susan  Mehringer

The Blue Waters Petascale Institute: Longitudinal Impact and Assessment-Driven Development of an Intensive, Hands-on Curriculum for Teaching Applications in HPC
Aaron  Weeden, Cameron  Foss, Colleen Heinemann, Jennifer  Houchins, Mobeen Ludin, Skylar  Thompson

The CyberAmbassador Training Program
Astri  Briliyanti, Dirk J. Colbry, Julie  Wilson Rojewski, Kathleen  Colbry, TJ  Nguyen

The Professionalization of Cyberinfrastructure Personnel?
Dana  Brunson, Henry Neeman, James Bottum, James  Howison, Joel  Cutcher-Gershenfeld, John  Towns, John L. King, Nancy  Wilkins-Diehr, Nicholas  Berente, Stanley  Ahalt, Susan  Winter

Undergraduate Data Science and Diversity at Purdue University
Alex Younts, Elizabett Hillery, Eric Adams, Jenna  Rickus, Mark D. Ward, Preston  Smith