Best Paper Award

Title: Brown Dog: Making the Digital World a Better Place,a Few Files at a Time

Authors: Sandeep Puthanveetil Satheesan, Jay Alameda, Shannon Bradley, Michael Dietze, Benjamin Galewsky, Gregory Jansen, Rob Kooper, Praveen Kumar, Jong Lee, Richard Marciano, Luigi Marini, Barbara Minsker, Christopher Navarro, Arthur Schmidt, Marcus Slavenas, William Sullivan, Bing Zhang, Yan Zhao, Inna Zharnitsky, Kenton McHenry


Best Poster Award

Title: Scaling JupyterHub Using Kubernetes on Jetstream Cloud: Platform as a Service for Research and Educational Initiatives in the Atmospheric Sciences

Authors: Semir Sarajlic, Julien Chastang, Suresh Marru, Jeremy Fischer, Mike Lowe


Best Student Paper Award

Title: Using Immersive Visualization Environments to Engage Students in Hands-on Learning

Authors: Hannah Ricketts, Alexa Salsbury,David Bevan, Anne Brown


Best Student Poster Award

Title: The Influence of Cyber-Infrastructure on Scientific Computing at NMSU

Authors: Mohammed Tanash, Matt Henderson, PoChou Su,Tracey Fernandez, Z. M. Saifullah, Robert Kelly, Jelena Karapetrovic,  Hussein Al-Azzawi, Diana V. Dugas


Phil Andrews Award for Most Transformative Contribution to PEARC18 (two recipients)

Title: High Performance Photogrammetry for Academic Research

Authors: Guangchen Ruan, Eric Wernert,Tassie Gniady, Esen Tuna, William Sherman

Title: Classification of Periodicity in Subtraction Game Sequences

Authors: Nicole Brewer, Mark Daniel Ward

Best Paper Award
Best Poster Award
Best Student Paper Award
Best Student Poster Award
Phil Andrews Award for Most Transformative Contribution to PEARC18