PEARC18 organizers today announced Intel will be returning as a platinum-level exhibitor at the Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing conference in Pittsburgh, Pa, continuing their strong support of the conference.

Through Intel’s platinum support, PEARC18 will host plenary speaker Pradeep K. Dubey, Ph.D., Intel Fellow and Director, Parallel Computing Lab.

The conference also recently welcomed DDN, Dell and XSEDE as gold-level exhibitors, CASC as a silver-level exhibitor, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Comcast Business, Science Node and San Diego Supercomputer Center as bronze-level exhibitors. Patron-level exhibitors include: Amazon Web Services, Arm, Aspen Systems, BioTeam, Cambridge Computer, Cisco, Globus, iRods, JetStor, Microway, Trusted CI, Ohio Supercomputer Center, Omnibond, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, PSSC Labs, SchedMD and Starfish.

For more information on exhibitor participation, contact J. Ray Scott, exhibitors chair, at or 412.268.7708.