PEARC18 is for everyone who works to realize the promise of advanced computing as the enabler of seamless creativity, the theme of this year’s conference. Scientists and engineers, scholars and planners, artists and makers, students and teachers all depend on the efficiency, security, reliability and sustainability of increasingly complex and powerful digital infrastructure systems. If your work addresses these challenges in any way, PEARC18 is the forum to share, learn and inspire progress.

Some PEARC18 Plenary Speakers

Pradeep Dubey, Intel
Gregory Farber, NIH
Ruby Mendenhall, UIUC
Manish Parashar, NSF

Watch slide show for Tuesday’s Happenings

Watch slide show for Wednesday’s Happenings

Students in Action

Some early PEARC18 attendees attend the Picklesburgh Festival.
Fun Run participants organized by Nancy Wilkins-Diehr