Executive Committee

PEARC17 General Chair
David Hart, NCAR

Technical Program Chair
Maytal Dahan, TACC

Student Programs Chair
Alana Romanella, Virginia Tech

External Programs and Workshops Chair
Amy Schuele, NCSA

Exhibitors Chair
Melyssa Fratkin, TACC

Communications Chair
BJ Smith, NCAR

Advanced Research Computing on Campuses (ARCC17) Chair
Tom Cheatham, University of Utah

Logistics Chair
Julie Wernert, Indiana University

Finance Chair
Amy Moore, NCAR

Project Management
Laura Herriott, NCSA

PEARC18 General Chair
Sergiu Sanielevici, PSC

Technical Program Committee

Technical Program Chair
Maytal Dahan, TACC

Software and Data Track Chair
Sandra Gesing, University of Notre Dame

Technology Track Chair
Ruth Marinshaw, Stanford University

Workforce, Diversity, and Evaluation Co-Chairs
Kelly Nolan, Compute Canada
Lorna Rivera, Georgia Tech

Accelerating Discovery Track Chair
Jim Wilgenbusch,
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

Tutorials Chair
John Goodhue,
Massachusetts Green HPC Center

Posters Chair
Peter Enstrom, NCSA

Birds of a Feather Chair
Ben Nickell, Idaho National Lab

Visualization Showcase Chair
Scott Pearse, NCAR

Proceedings Chair
Bruce Loftis, University of Colorado, Boulder

Student Program Committee

Student Programs Chair
Alana Romanella, Virginia Tech

Student Volunteers
Melissa Romanus, Rutgers University

Student Modeling Day
Kate Cahill, Ohio Supercomputer Center

Student-Mentor Program
Ester Soriano, NCSA

Student Posters
Semir Sarajic, Georgia State University

Diversity Chair
Elizabeth Leake, STEM-Trek

Logistics and Local Arrangements

Logistics Chair
Julie Wernert, Indiana University

Logistics Support
Kim Bergeron, KGB Events

Networking and Security
Tim Boerner, NCSA