The PEARC17 Awards

PEARC17 wrapped up today with an awards luncheon. Awards were presented by Maytal Dahan, Technical Program Chair, and Alana Romanella, Student Program Chair.

The Phil Andrews Best Technology Paper

Stampede 2: The Evolution of an XSEDE Supercomputer

Bill Barth, Niall Gaffney, Kelly Gaither, Chris Hempel, Susan Mehringer, Tommy Minyard, D.K Panda, Dan Stanzione, Pat Teller, Henry Tufo, Eric Wernert.

Pictured, from left: Maytal Dahan, Tech Program Chair, Eric Wernert, Susan Mehringer, Kelly Gaither, Dave Hart, PEARC17 General Chair.

Best Software and Data Paper

Data access for LIGO on the OSG

Brian Bockelman, Duncan Brown, Peter Couvares, Edgar Hernandez, Derek Weitzel (pictured below), Frank Wurthwein


Best Accelerating Discovery in Scholarly Research Paper

Extracting Meaningful Data from Decomposing Bodies

Alison Langmead, Paul Rodriguez (pictured, right), Sandeep Satheesan, Alan Craig (pictured)

Best Workforce Diversity and Evaluation Paper


Advanced Computing for Social Change—Educating and Engaging Our Students to Compete in a Changing Workforce

Linda Akli, Marques Bland, Susan Fratkin, Kelly Gaither (pictured), Rosalia Gomez, Ruby Mendenhall

Best PEARC17 Poster

Advancing the representation of Women in HPC at Purdue University

Gladys K. Andino, Marisa Brazil (pictured), Michael Gribskov, Preston Smith

CESM Wind Speed Magnitude

Matt Rehme

Best Student Poster

How Curvature Regulates Cell Migration

Xiuxiu He, Yi Jiang

Best Student Paper

A real-time machine learning and visualization framework for scientific workflows

Feng Li, Fengguang Song

Feng LI is pictured here with Alana Romanella, Student Program Chair (left), and Dave Hart (right).