Practice & Experience in Advanced Research Computing

July 9–13, 2017 — New Orleans

PEARC17 is for everyone who cares about the challenges in using and operating advanced research computing. Organizations supporting this new conference include the Advancing Research Computing on Campuses: Best Practices Workshop (ARCC), XSEDE, the Science Gateways Community Institute, the Campus Research Computing (CaRC) Consortium, the ACI-REF consortium, the Blue Waters project, ESnet, Open Science Grid, Compute Canada, the EGI Foundation, the Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC), and Internet2.

This year’s conference theme—Sustainability, Success and Impact—reflects key objectives for those who manage, develop, and use advanced research computing throughout the nation and the world: sustainability of the infrastructure environment; measuring and ensuring success for organizations that provide and use advanced research computing; and impact of the technologies on the workforce and on science and scholarship. The theme is also relevant as we inaugurate the PEARC conference series and strive to create a self-sustaining event with continued impact.

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