PEARC Seeking Nominations for 2024 Conference Chair and Steering Committee Members

The Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC) Conference seeks nominations for individuals to serve as the PEARC 2024 Conference General Chair(s) or as PEARC Steering Committee Members-at-Large. Nominations will be accepted from June 1 through July 1, 2022, at 11:59 pm Central Time. Nominations can be sent to [email protected].   


All members of the community are eligible to serve in these roles. Individuals can self-nominate or nominate another person as a potential Steering Committee Member-at-Large or PEARC 2024 Conference General Chair(s). A nomination (max 500 words) may be submitted to the current Steering Committee during the nomination period. All nominations should include:


  • Full name, organization, and contact e-mail address of the nominee.

  • A statement of support/interest of the candidate nominee (maximum of 500 words). This statement should include:

    • brief description of achievements and role(s) in the community

    • brief description of how their work aligns with the mission and vision of the PEARC organization

    • assessment of the individual’s ability to represent the needs of the community

    • assessment of the individual’s ability to organize a conference such as the annual PEARC Conference (for Conference General Chair nominees only)

    • acknowledgement of flexibility to commit significant time and resources to management of the conference in the two years leading up to the event (for Conference General Chair nominees only). 

Nominees who did not self-nominate will be offered a chance to decline their nomination. If they accept their nomination, they will be asked to supply a statement of interest (max 250 words) supporting why they should be elected to the Steering Committee as a Member-at-Large or 2024 Conference General Chair.


Steering Committee Member-at-Large obligations:

Steering Committee Members-at-Large will provide oversight for the overall PEARC organization, including but not limited to: 

  • Ensure that the mission and vision of the PEARC Organization are met and evolve as appropriate.

  • Ensure the highest technical and professional standards are maintained for the programs of the Conferences via regular reviews of previous Conferences and future plans.

  • Ensure regular communication and interactions between the conference and sponsoring agencies.

  • Provide continuity for the Conference series.

  • Establish long-range plans for future Conferences.

  • Advise on the plans of the Conference Committee for each Conference, including the financial plan and the preliminary technical program.

  • Manage the nomination/selection processes for both Steering Committee members and Conference General Chairs.

  • Provide non-fiduciary financial oversight for the conferences through review of the conference preliminary, interim, and final financial reports.

  • Review and address any necessary modifications to the by-laws annually.

  • Serve as advocates for the conference attendees and other stakeholders.

  • Advocate for PEARC within relevant public venues.

  • Serve on ad-hoc or standing committees, task forces, or working groups as deemed appropriate. 

  • Commit to approximately 3-5 hours a month including monthly calls and other Steering Committee and subcommittee work. 


PEARC Conference General Chair(s) obligations:

The General Chair(s) oversees all activities of the Conference and Conference Committees. Major activities include, but are not limited to:

  • appoint persons to the Conference planning committees;

  • work with sponsoring entity as appropriate to select a conference location, arrange a hotel contract, define and adhere to the conference budget, and manage contracted services and other conference management responsibilities;

  • oversee the set-up and maintenance of the conference website;

  • oversee activities of Conference Committee chairs and meeting planners, typically through regular conference calls;

  • serve as a member of the PEARC Steering Committee;

  • communicate updates to the Steering Committee about Conference Committee’s work and incorporate feedback and direction as appropriate; and

  • ensure the successful implementation of all planned conference activities.

The PEARC Steering Committee coordinates the PEARC Conference series in order to provide a forum for discussing challenges, opportunities, and solutions among the broad range of participants in the research computing community. This community-driven effort builds on successes of the past, and aims to grow and be more inclusive by involving additional local, regional, national, and international cyberinfrastructure and research computing partners spanning academia, government and industry. The PEARC Conference series is working to integrate and meet the collective interests of our growing community.